Denmark Place, Holloway Road

Cowling and Wilcox on the Holloway Road sells a great range of sketch books. I’ve been filling one of them up with sketches in and around the Holloway Road.  I recently completed another stretch of this road – the part which is directly opposite Cowling and Wilcox. It’s another 1.8m long orginial which I have cropped into phone-view sized chunks, to form a record of each of the buildings.

Please drop me a line if you know any local history relating to any of these buildings which you would like me to include here.

To see the drawing in full or to order prints, please visit and ink drawing artwork of Holloway road

The Castle, 81 Holloway Road

Brick terrace georgian building Holloway Road Chloe Nails

Kwik Cars and Chloe Nails, 83 and 85 Holloway Road

pen ink and egg tempera wash of Holloway Road London

87 and 89 Holloway Road Standard Tandoori and the MTA Dance Studio

Georgian terrace Holloway Road London

Tblisi and Maverick Interiors, Holloway Road

Pen and ink drawing of London pub Wig and Gown

The Wig and Gown, Holloway Road

Pen and ink drawing of Holloway Road

D&A Binder and Yellow Cars –  101 and 103 Holloway Road

Denmark Place Holloway road London

Vagabond Cafe and Ginger Lettings located at the centre of this drawing, below the feature pediment with stone engraved with ‘1863 Denmark Place’

row of terraces on Holloway road

The Better Hearth and the Hope, with the now closed Peoples’ Club

pen and ink drawing Holloway Road London

No 115 and The Surgery, 117 Holloway Road

pen and ink drawing London architecture

Artisan Coffee and Dry Cleaners, 119 and 121 Holloway Road

Travel agent, Monumental Mason Thomas Judd

Thomas Judd, Memorial Mason, Oriental Gourmet and Travelmania

Thanks for reading – Ronnie

Charity shop drawing and italian restaurant Holloway road

Dream Community Charity Shop and Piccolo Sogno, 127 and 129 Holloway Road on the corner of the entrance to St Mary Magdalene church.




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Blossom Street, York

Blossom Street Gallery York

Blossom Street Gallery, York

Time to update the archive! This is a short length of Blossom Street, right next to Micklegate Bar, the ancient and most significant south west gateway into the walled City of York. You can just see the stonework to the right of this sketch which leads up to the pale limestone city walls, some parts which date back to Roman times.

corner of Blossom Street and Station Road

Delrio’s Restaurant, Blossom Street, York

I went to school across the road from these buildings and grew up knowing the gruesome history of Micklegate Bar – it was where the severed heads of traitors were displayed on spikes. One of those facts that once you know it, you never forget. Moving swiftly on – here’s the corner of Blossom Street with Queen Street which leads down to the station.

pen ink and egg tempera drawing of Blossom St York

Plaskitt and Plaskitt, No 6 Blossom Street, York

pen and ink drawing of Blossom Street Gallery York

Blossom Street Gallery and Framing

Here is the last of this cluster of buildings, a short stretch on the Great North Road but significant to me as Kim in Blossom Street Gallery stocks my prints of York!

If you are passing – please call in and have a look around, its a beautiful gallery!


Kim Oldfield with one of my Micklegate prints, in Blossom Street Gallery

To see these drawings as a whole and more of my street drawings, please visit my website Drawing the Street.

Thanks for reading,



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Bathurst Mansions, Holloway Road, London N7

Bathurst Mansions crop 8

This  extraordinary building can be found on the corner of Holloway Road and Seven Sisters Road, London N7. The carved stonework high above the street caught my eye:

Green Man on Bathurst Mansions ronnie Cruwys a.jpg

There’s a lot of classical detail going on in here – a frieze of carved swags and tails, medallions of Green Men, pediments, cornices and elegantly carved column capitals.

Bathurst Mansions crop 7.jpg

Instead of including it on a street drawing, I thought these buildings were worth drawing as a study by themselves.  The building too holds a lot of history and an insight can be read here into one of its residents on the pages of the Hornsey Road Blog.

Bathurst Mansions crop 1

Bathurst Mansions crop 8


Bathurst Mansions crop 2

Bathurst Mansions crop 4

So, next time you are waiting to cross the Holloway Road, look up!

Bathurst Mansions crop 5.jpg

Bathurst Mansions crop 6.jpg

Thanks for reading and happy drawing to my fellow artist readers.


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Market Place (52 to 36) Burslem

drawing of India Cottage, Market Place Burslem

India Cottage on the corner of Market Place and Westport Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

I’d like to welcome new visitors to a small selection of buildings to the north of St John’s Square in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. It’s hard to picture how much these streets have changed over the last century but The Vanished Landscape by the historian Paul Johnson gives a great insight into life growing up in the Potteries with ‘the strange beauty of its volcanic landscape of fiery furnaces belching out heat and smoke.

A few of the old buildings remain, in between later additions and here is the latest in the Burslem street series, archiving each building in turn.

2 New Inn 50 market place burslem

The New Inn, 50 Market Place, Burslem

3 Ideal Homes market place burslem

Ideal Homes Furnishing, 48 Market Place, Burslem

4 Pearl Assurance market place burslem

Robert Stone, 44 Market Place, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

5 John Keenan market place burslem

John E Keenan, chartered surveyor,  and Halifax….no sign of them here now

6 Hog noggin market place burslem

Hog Noggin, 38 Market Place, listed grade 2, 18th century

7 KFC 36 market place burslem

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 36 Market Place, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. Listed grade 2, 18th century.

Thanks for reading,


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St John’s Square (west side), Burslem

Duke of Wellington drawing by Ronnie Cruwys

Duke William, 2, St John’s Square, Burslem

Terry Hunt of Jollie’s Arts and Crafts shop in Newcastle-under-Lyme used to run the Duke  William. He told me that the inside bears little resemblance to the outside as it was built around the bones of an older building. There is a little about its history on the Duke William website.

I’ve added a rogue drawing here of Terry standing outside his shop on Liverpool Road from a couple of years ago. My drawings have changed quite a bit since then in a number of ways. I use better quality watercolour paper, much heavier, cold pressed for texture and creamy in colour. I use a mapping pen (instead of a Rotring technical pen) for a variety in line width and permanent, light fast inks and egg tempera and natural pigments for colour washes.

Jollies Terry Hunt crop

Terry outside his art shop ‘Jollies’

Back to recording St John’s Square and the rest of the buildings on this drawing.

Vicotorian building new ear barber shop burslem

New Era Barber Shop, 10 St John’s Square, Burslem

Matt and Lee at work in New Era Barber shop. Note the date on the gable: 1884.

Thats Amore Burslem Staffordshire

That’s Amore, 12 St John’s Square, Burslem

red brick building Bulls Head Burslem

The Bull’s Head, 14 St John’s Square, Burslem

Vale curry House drawing Burslem

Vale Curry House, 16-18 St John’s Square, Burslem

To see the drawing as a whole, please visit my website Drawing the Street. Limited edition prints (40) are available to buy from Barewall Art Gallery, Market Place, Burslem.

Thanks for reading.


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Match, Pie and Grill, Holloway Road

Feeling peckish before an Arsenal home game? Plenty of scope for refuelling on the corner of Holloway and Liverpool Road. Here’s the latest drawing in the Holloway Road series. There are two parts to this drawing, an odd assortment of buildings forming Piebury Corner and a row of three story red brick houses. It was this terrace which caught my eye on this part of the Great North Road. The plan of these buildings show up on the edge of London Sheet 29 of the Old Ordnance Survey Maps – Upper Holloway, which possibly dates them pre-1869, or at least some of them.

Holloway Road Indian Takeaway and Piebury Corner
Charcoal Grill Restaurant, Piebury Corner, 209-211 Holloway Road (as featured in Country Life), Holloway Indian Takeaway, No 215,  and Dorset House    Piebury Corner Holloway Road Cruwys 1a.jpgHolloway Road Cruwys  2a
older building than the adjacent ones.

Charcoal Grill Restaurant, Piebury Corner, 209-211 Holloway Road (as featured in Country Life), Piebury Corner, Holloway Indian Takeaway, No 215,  and Dorset House.

Dorset House was once home to Walter Tovey, a retired policeman and widower at the time of the 1881 census.  His late wife was called Elizabeth and came from Dorset.

Dorset House Holloway road.jpg

The details on the balustrade are very similar to the design on Southwark bridge, built 1913- 1921 by Sir Ernest George RA Architect. Does anyone know any more about this building?

George’s Road marks the beginning of the Victorian red brick terraces with their stone window sills and iron railings. They don’t appear to be in a conservation area but I think they are worth drawing for the records. Please get in touch if you have any insights into the history of this part of Holloway Road or if you know of any significant event which has taken place so I can add it to the blog. Holloway Road ronnie cruwys.jpg

4 Holloway Road Cruwys.jpg

More places to eat and a barber shop, Salon des Artistes, 225 Holloway Road

Victorian architecture, terraced houses Holloway Road

Blackstones, 227 Holloway Road, Bhawarma and Alternatives Beauty Clinic

Paddy Power betting shop Holloway Road

Paddy Power, El Ringo Quiteno

Victorian terrace on Holloway road

Ferro Services, Roll Papa and Zee Zee



Buff brick building on Holloway Road

Crazy Repair Centre and Global Office Furniture

Limited editition signed fine art quality prints are now available to buy of the entire street scene, more details on the website Drawing the Street.



Residential flats on Holloway road by Ronnie Cruwys

London Coffee Club, 261 Holloway Road

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Cheshire Street, Audlem – a dog’s heaven.

Audlem Cheshire Street 1

No 17 Cheshire Street

Although I finished this drawing in the summer, I am only just logging it here on the archive so you can see the buildings individually as I know quite a few will be looking at this from your phone.

Cheshire Street is the second in the Audlem street series. It sits within the conservation area and runs from the north into the village, opening out into The Square at the war memorial. For more about the local history of Audlem, please visit Audlem Online.

Audlem Cheshire Street 2

Primrose Grange, Audlem

Audlem Cheshire Street Chippy

Audlem Village Chippy – our dog loves a good chippy!

Audlem Cheshire Street Smithy

Smithy House, Cheshire Street, Audlem

Audlem Cheshire Street 4

JA’s Cafe, Audlem

Audlem Cheshire Street 5

Oxtail and Trotter, Village Butcher, Audlem. Arran in Dog Heaven. 

Audlem Cheshire Street fox cottage

Fox Cottage, Cheshire Street

Audlem Cheshire Street aldelyme court

Aldelyme Court, Cheshire Street

Audlem Cheshire Street the fold

The Fold, Cheshire Street, Audlem

3 The Fold 5 x 7 low res

A seasonal flavour to ‘The Fold’ being so close to Christmas!

Audlem Cheshire Street St James

Boots the Chemist with St James’s Church in the background.

Limited edition prints are available for sale from Williams of Audlem. Alternatively, please email me at

Details of sizes and prices are on

Thanks for reading.



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